Study of Reform Proposals for Chicago City Council

Two districting plans for Chicago

Many observers agree that the Chicago City Council ward system suffers from problems of gerrymandering, intense segregation, vestiges of machine politics, and inefficiency. In our latest report, we apply mathematical models to analyze Chicago’s current ward plan and compare several reform proposals to address its problems. Our findings strongly support a transition to multimember wards with ranked choice voting to secure and sustain fair representation.

Download the report here.

Draw your own districts

To accompany this report, we have added Chicago to Districtr, our open-source web app for redistricting so that anyone can try their hand at drawing a districting plan and to explore the interplay between the structure of a districting system and the demographics of individual wards. Get started drawing districts here.

See the data and code

We have made all of the code and data used for this report available in a GitHub repository. This includes: