Jobs at MGGG

The MGGG Redistricting Lab is a non-profit research organization based at Tufts University studying applications of geometry and computing to U.S. redistricting. Our mission is both technical and civic, and we aim to drive cutting-edge research, amplify the voices of the public and the civil rights community, and improve accountability in the redistricting process.

As of August 2022, we are currently looking for a Senior Web Developer for a medium-term (3-4 months) full-time position. This is a very high-impact position that involves redesigning and reimagining one of the most popular tools in the nation promoting citizen involvement in the redistricting process. Districtr was used by over 130 localities to collect public input for redistricting in the last year, including the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission, cities from Minneapolis to Los Angeles to Dallas, and districts for everything from community colleges to libraries to public high schools.

The Lab is based on the Tufts campus in Medford/Somerville, MA, but fully remote work is a possibility. Letters of interest are being accepted by email to Please include a CV/resume with links to relevant projects, with your GitHub username if applicable.

Access to voting rights for communities of color and other marginalized groups is central to our mission, and we strive to build a team that is diverse in as many ways as possible.