Math 158, Mathematica page

Math 158, Complex Analysis, Mathematica page


HOW TO sign up for Mathematica on your personal computer at Tufts.

Some Wolfram Demos to check out:

Powers and roots

  • Powers
  • \(n\)th roots
  • Complex power patterns

    Visualizing mappings

  • Homotopy/sliding image

    Stereographic projection

  • First demo
  • Second demo

    Custom made

  • COLORMAP mathematica notebook (courtesy of Tim Atherton)
    Instructions: download this (i.e., save it, don't just open it in your browser). Double-clicking should then open a Mathematica window. Enable dynamic content. Play around by modifying things and seeing how the pictures change!
    Tip: use shift-return to execute a line of code.

    \( f(z)= \frac{z^2-i}{2z^2+i} \)
    \( f(z)= \frac{z^2-i}{2z^2+i}- \frac{1}{2} \)

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