Thomas Weighill

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Postdoc at the Metric Geometry and Gerrymandering Group
Email: Thomas "dot" Weighill "at" tufts "dot" edu

As of January 2021, I am an assistant professor at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. My new website with up-to-date information is here.

Curriculum Vitae
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Research interests

My research is in geometry and topology and their applications to data science. My pure mathematics research is mostly in the field of coarse geometry – the study of large scale properties of metric spaces – which has strong mathematical connections to geometric group theory, functional analysis and the topology of manifolds. My more applied research focuses on topological data analysis (TDA), optimal transport and mathematical approaches to data science in general. I am particularly interested in applications to geospatial data analysis, redistricting and election reform.

Teaching information

At Tufts University I taught Point-Set Topology and Topological Data Analysis. At the University of Tennessee I was a GTA for College Algebra, Basic Calculus and Matrix Algebra.