Introducing VoteKit

We are proud to announce the release of a new Python package called VoteKit, nicknamed “a Swiss army knife for social choice research.”

Probably the quickest way to dive in is to check out our tutorial notebooks, which should give a self-contained way to get to know the codebase.

These were created in Colab, which is a free Google browser-based resource for running Python with standardized installations and no fuss. To use them, it’s best to be logged in to a Google account and then save a copy of the notebook to your drive and use that one to edit and run.

The notebooks above were created with feedback we got from the attendees at a live training session held on November 29, 2023, with breakout rooms led by Chris Donnay, Moon Duchin, Mala Mukundan, and James Turk.

Video walkthrough

If you’d like a bit more help walking through these, we’re making the videos from the training available. These are just different alternatives looking at the same material.

And here are archived versions of the notebooks exactly as they appeared on the day of the training, so you can follow along.