Our Work

Surveys and non-specialist articles

White papers and reports

Tools and interactives

  • Gridlandia, an overview of the combinatorics of redistricting and the principles of Markov chain Monte Carlo, or MCMC.
  • GerryChain, our open-source python-based tool for MCMC on districting plans. A user guide is in development.
  • Ecological inference (EI) is the main statistical technique used to establish racially polarized voting (RPV).

Technical research

Data and software repositories

  • Ohio precinct shapefile — we contacted all 88 counties in Ohio and collected information about the locations of voting precincts, then digitized them and produced a publicly available shapefile, the first for that state.
  • Discrete compactness hosts a collection of data and code to study the relationships between different ideas for graph-based compactness scores
  • BVAP explorer, a jupyter notebook for studying the relationship between Black voting age percentage (BVAP) and patterns of current Black congressional representation.

Related work by friends of MGGG