Our Team

As an organization, MGGG operates on multiple scales. We have a core group in the Boston area amd a larger group of active contributors working with us on various projects.

Core Team

A photo of Moon Duchin
Moon Duchin founded MGGG in 2016 to focus mathematical attention on redistricting. Her areas of mathematical expertise are in geometry, topology, and dynamical systems. Her affiliations at Tufts University include Mathematics, STS, and the Tisch College of Civic Life.
A photo of Max Fan
Max Fan is a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign interested in computer science and philosophy. At MGGG, he works as a software engineer on a variety of geography/data projects and tools. He is interested in programming language design.
A photo of Karin Knudson
Karin Knudson is an applied mathematician and data scientist who works with the lab on statistical and software development projects. Her PhD is in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin, and her interests include Bayesian statistics, machine learning, signal processing, and data science education.
A photo of Liz Kopecky
Liz Kopecky is a project manager for MGGG, assisting with the group’s research, civic, and fundraising initiatives. Prior to joining MGGG, she worked as an environmental planner in the energy industry.
A photo of Chanel Richardson
Chanel Richardson is a 2020 graduate of Tufts University, where she studied computer engineering, and subsequently received a masters degree in electrical and computer engineering at Duke University. She is interested in statistical analysis, network science, software development, and tech that has a social impact.
A photo of Parker Rule
Parker Rule is an undergraduate student at Tufts University studying mathematics and computer science. He works in the lab as a software engineer and research associate. He is interested in operations research, high-performance computing, and computational geometry.

Key Collaborators, Past and Present

A photo of Hakeem Angulu
Hakeem Angulu
A photo of Jamie Atlas
Jamie Atlas
A photo of Amy Becker
Amy Becker
A photo of Mira Bernstein
Mira Bernstein
A photo of Talia Blum
Talia Blum
A photo of Ruth Buck
Ruth Buck
A photo of Jeanne Clelland
Jeanne Clelland
A photo of Daryl DeFord
Daryl DeFord
A photo of Luis Delgadillo
Luis Delgadillo
A photo of Jack Deschler
Jack Deschler
A photo of Nick Doiron
Nick Doiron
A photo of Dara Gold
Dara Gold
A photo of Ryan Gomez
Ryan Gomez
A photo of Nestor Guillen
Nestor Guillen
A photo of Todd Hendricks
Todd Hendricks
A photo of Rachel Herman
Rachel Herman
A photo of Peter Horvath
Peter Horvath
A photo of Max Hully
Max Hully
A photo of Aidan Kestigian
Aidan Kestigian
A photo of Cyrus Kirby
Cyrus Kirby
A photo of Beth Malmskog
Beth Malmskog
A photo of JN Matthews
JN Matthews
A photo of Fred McBride
Fred McBride
A photo of Quinn Molloy
Quinn Molloy
A photo of Mai Nguyen
Mai Nguyen
A photo of Oliver Nguyen
Oliver Nguyen
A photo of Ari Nieh
Ari Nieh
A photo of Anthony Pizzimenti
Anthony Pizzimenti
A photo of Heather Rosenfeld
Heather Rosenfeld
A photo of Michael Sarahan
Michael Sarahan
A photo of Gabe Schoenbach
Gabe Schoenbach
A photo of Zachary Schutzman
Zachary Schutzman
A photo of Justin Solomon
Justin Solomon
A photo of Brad Souders
Brad Souders
A photo of Ari Stern
Ari Stern
A photo of Charles Stewart
Charles Stewart
A photo of Bhushan Suwal
Bhushan Suwal
A photo of Robbie Veglahn
Robbie Veglahn
A photo of Valeria Velasquez
Valeria Velasquez
A photo of Olivia Walch
Olivia Walch
A photo of Thomas Weighill
Thomas Weighill
A photo of Oliver York
Oliver York