Math 158, Complex Analysis, Spring 2013

Math 158, Complex Analysis, Spring 2013

Course Complex Analysis
Meetings C block: TWF, 9:30-10:20, BP 5
Professor Moon Duchin -- ( moon.duchin @ )
TA Brendan Foley ( brendan.foley @ )
Text Marsden & Hoffman, Basic Complex Analysis (3rd ed.)


Take-home final will be available to you Tuesday April 30 at noon, due 48 hours later, Thursday May 2 at noon. Recommended time: 2 hours. If you prefer, you can take an in-class version in our official final exam slot, Tuesday May 7 from 12-2pm.

Exam is open book, open notes, but you may not use computers or talk to other people.

Evening problem session to prepare for exam: Monday 4/29 7pm, either in BP 101 or the conference room (check both).

Exam practice problems and selected HW solutions have been posted.